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Royal Sleep Mattresses Guide

Is it time to upgrade to a new mattress? Royal Sleep mattresses receive great reviews from sleepers.

Browse online for the firmness level and size you need. Before we discuss Royal Sleep mattresses and why you should get one, let’s talk about your individual requirements as a sleeper.

Sleep Health & Habits

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical to everything you do on a daily basis. Poor sleep can negatively impact how productive you are and can lessen your mood and lower your overall level of productivity. This means that buying the right mattress and pillow and building healthy sleep habits can positively impact your day-to-day life.

A good mattress can help to ease aches and pains, improve productivity at work, and boost your overall mood. Let’s talk about sleeping position and how that relates to the type of mattress you’ll need.

Mattress Closeouts

Sleeping Position

Are you a side, back, or stomach sleeper? Your preferred method of sleeping will significantly impact which type of mattress you will need to buy. If you are experiencing sleep pain in your back or neck, you are likely lacking the proper support you need in your mattress. Let’s talk about sleeping position and how understanding that can help reduce pain and help you choose the proper mattress:

  • Side Sleeper – Those who are side sleepers will likely prefer a softer Royal Sleep mattress that allows you to sink into the mattress while you’re asleep. A softer mattress helps your hip to sink into the mattress and allows your spine to align properly during the night. If you are a side sleeper, you’ll definitely want to talk with us about purchasing a softer Royal Sleep mattress.
  • Back Sleeper – Are you a back sleeper? You will likely want to invest in a soft mattress. Softer mattresses benefit back sleepers because they allow your shoulder and hips to sink slightly into the mattress and help your spine properly align while you sleep. Too firm of a mattress will cause you to feel uncomfortable points of pressure.
  • Stomach Sleeper – If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, a firmer mattresses will benefit you more. Since your spine is already aligned, a mattress with too much give will cause your spine to slump and could result in back pain. If you’re a stomach sleeper, opt for a firmer mattress. We’ll talk more about mattress firmness levels below.

As you shop for a Royal Sleep mattress, keep your preferred sleeping position in mind. More on the best sleeping positions here.

Mattress Firmness Level

Looking for the perfect firmness level for your new Royal Sleep mattress? As suggested above, firmness level can make or break how well you sleep. Approximately 80% of sleepers have a preference for a bed between 5 and 7 on the firmness scale.

Most shoppers, then, choose a mattress that’s somewhere in the middle of Ultra Plush and Ultra Firm by opting for a Medium firmness mattress. However, everyone’s needs are unique. Let’s discuss which firmness level will work best for you:

Mattress Firmness Levels:

  • Extra Soft (Firmness Level 1-2) – These beds are extremely soft and for most sleepers, do not provide enough support for your spine. On our website, this firmness level is called Ultra Plush.
  • Soft (Firmness Level 3-4) – For those who prefer to sleep on their side, soft mattresses ranging between a firmness level of 3 or 4 may enjoy the deep hug that a soft mattress provides. We do not recommend this mattress type for back or stomach sleepers, however.
  • Medium (Firmness Level 5-6) – This medium-balanced beds are the perfect solution for most sleepers – no matter if they are a back, stomach, or side sleeper. If you’re looking for a bit softer, opt for a firmness level of 5.
  • Hard (Firmness Level 7-8) – These are a bit firmer than the medium mattresses are, providing less of a hug and overall less sinkage. These are good for back and stomach sleepers or for those that prefer or require a firmer surface to sleep on at night.
  • Extra Hard (Firmness Level 9-10) – Not many sleepers will require a firmness level that is this hard, although there are a few therapeutic ones that fall in this range. On our website, this firmness level is known as Ultra Firm.

Read more on mattress firmness levels here.

Shop Royal Sleep Mattresses

Below is our list of current Royal Sleep mattresses. Shop by firmness level and size. We have Royal Sleep mattresses available in King, Split King, Queen, Full, Twin, and Twin XL. Browse all our Memory Foam, Hybrid Medium, Ultra Plush mattresses, and more:

Helpful Tips to Get a Better Night’s Rest:

In addition to purchasing a brand new Royal Sleep mattress, you’ll also want to make sure you are following these tips to help ensure you get the best sleep possible:

  • Keep a consistent sleep schedule, even on days off
  • We know that you love your new mattress, however, you’ll want to avoid napping during the daytime
  • Exercise daily; however, refrain from exercising right before bedtime
  • Keep your bedroom somewhat cool
  • Don’t drink caffeine or alcohol in the hours leading right up to bedtime
  • Give yourself time to unwind before bed. Avoid your phone, laptop, and watching TV. An hour of a relaxing activity like reading or journaling right before bed can help you relax and unwind

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