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  • Have a six month history with your current employer?
  • Have an active checking account that has been opened for at least 90 days?
  • Deposit at least $1000 of monthly income into your checking account?
  • Avoid NSFs or excessive overdrafts in your checking account?
Mattress Closeouts


Approval for mattress financing is fast and easy…in fact, it’s simple. Customers may complete either an online application or one in-person with the assistance of the merchant.


Simple’s mattress payment options program will have you out the door with your new merchandise in a matter of minutes. Simply complete your application and with the assistance of your salesperson sign the customer agreement with Simple. Yes, its just that easy.

Have you ever been forced to leave a store for being turned away for traditional mattress financing?

Are there purchases that you would like to make but have not yet pursued because you feel like you might not qualify for traditional mattress financing or do not want to be embarrassed through a credit denial? How often would you use a fast and easy mattress financing options program that provides for a 90 Day Cash Option equal to same as cash plus a $40 processing fee?

How does Simple’s No Credit Needed Mattress Financing Program work?

Simple provides consumers a unique No Credit Needed Lease-Purchase Option. Our program approval is not based upon your credit history, in fact Simple will never even pull your credit report.

Simple’s fast and easy No Credit Needed Program will make all the difference for consumers as an alternative to traditional financing.

Simple provides consumers with a unique alternative to traditional mattress financing in Tampa Bay. Simple’s No Credit Needed program will allow you to take home that new appliance, piece of furniture or set of tires today! With an approval process that is fast and easy your purchase can be completed in minutes. So, what do you need to do? You need to go simple!

Our simple application process and high approval rate has helped thousands of consumers make purchases through our No Credit Needed program that otherwise would have been impossible.

Are you a consumer and want to learn more about our unique program? Give Tampa Bay a call at (813) 478-8995.