Z Travel Neck Gel Dough + Z Gel

  • Maximum cooling on surface and throughout
  • Firm, conforming support
  • Great for car and plane rides
  • Unique combination for maximum cooling
  • Width: 12" Length: 11" Height; 4"


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An ergonomic U-shaped design correctly supports the natural curves of your head, neck and shoulders, providing ideal support for flights, cars, or buses. The liquid Z® Gel lies on top of the pillow for a cool sleeping surface that will capture and dissipate your body heat, creating a cooler sleeping surface. The memory foam is also infused with Z® Gel for a combination that offers an optimal thermal experience. The unique Gel Dough® memory formula creates a softer, cooler, doughier memory foam. The extremely breathable bamboo velour cover enhances the cooling effect, and is removable for easy laundering. Cover: 75% polyester, 25% rayon from bamboo Fill: 51% polyurethane gel foam, 49% polyurethane foam

Gel Dough Memory Foam-Premium Dough memory foam is infused with advanced gel material that dissipates heat to regulate temperature, in addition to providing the pressure-relief memory foam is known for.

Z Gel-A liquid gel layer that dissipates body heat for a cooler sleep surface.

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Z by Malouf