Jamison TLC 12.4″ Pure Nautral Latex Ultra Plush Bordeau Mattress-100% Latex

  • Comfort Layers: Luxurious stretch knit cover. Promotes breathability and uniform comfort with the sleep system.
  • Support and Comfort Unit: One piece construction comprised of: 2" Soft Latex Rubber, 1/2" Circulation Enhancing COPPER Latex, 2" Soft Latex Rubber, 8" Dual Gradient Support Latex Rubber Core
  • Firmness: Ultra Plush
  • Height: Approximately 12.5"
  • Warranty: 20 years total non-prorated


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Latex is Breathable

-Latex has an open cell structure.  This allows more room temperature air to flow through it, taking heat away from your body. 

-Benefit is that it regulates sleeping temperature!

Latex is Durable

-TLC Continuous Pour latex 3%

-HD Memory Foam:  7%

Gel Latex resists body impressions and breakdown 57% better then leading visco

Support Factor

-A foam’s support factor is difference in IFD between 25% compression and 65% compression.  The higher the number the more supportive the foam. 

-Continuous pour latex is 30-50% more supportive than competitors. 

Support Factor-TLC Gel Infused Latex 3.8

                         TLC Latex 3.6

                         Other Latex 2.8

TLC Latex Rubber

TLC Continuous Pour Process Latex Benefits: 

-Uses Certified Pure 100% Latex Rubber

  -No fillers are added

  -Fillers destroy the quality of the latex and negate the anti-microbial and anti-bacterial benefits of the latex.

-All Seamless products

  -There are no vertical glue seams to feel, eliminating multiple pieces being glued together to create King and King sizes.  Leading to a more consistent feel.

-TLC Latex Uses the only continuous Pour process topper line that uses pins in the curing process


TLC Latex Benefits

-Class 1 Oeko-Tex certification

-Thermo Neutral



-Pressure Relieving





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Comfort Levels

Ultra Plush


TLC (The Latex Collection)


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