Z Travel Zoned Dough Peppermint Mid Loft Pillow by Malouf Fine Linens

  • Zoned Dough memory foam
  • Infused with real peppermint oil
  • Great for car and plane rides
  • Dough memory foam is soft and supportive
  • Width: 12" Length: 16" Height: 4"


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Comfort and support meets natural aromatherapy with the Zoned Dough® Peppermint Travel Neck pillow. Plush, curve-conforming Dough® memory foam is infused with real peppermint oil for natural relaxation. Peppermint is known to aid in deep, clear breathing and promote clarity of mind, and peppermint is antimicrobial. Zoned Technology design improves comfort, support and breathability. A beautiful and soft Tencel® mesh cover adds the temperature- and moisture-regulating comfort of eco-friendly fabric.

Dough Memory Foam-Our exclusive formula of premium memory foam is more responsive, exceptionally supportive and has a slower recovery time than typical memory foam.

Peppermint Oil-Peppermint has a familiar, refreshing scent and is though to bring about clear breathing and clarity of mind.

Tencel-Stunningly soft and smooth Tencel botanical fiber has inherent moisture management properties that make it ideal for sensitive skin and temperature-sensitive sleepers.

Zoned Technology-Zoning creates the perfect combination of comfort, support and airflow.  Larger holes in the center of the pillow cradle our head, while smaller holes around the perimeter create a supportive zone for your neck.

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