Z Travel Zoned Dough High Loft Plush Pillow by Malouf Fine Linens

Dough Memory Foam-Our exclusive formula of premium memory foam is more responsive, exceptionally supportive and has a slower recovery time than typical memory foam.

Zoned Technology-Zoning creates the perfect combination of comfort, support and airflow.  Larger holes in the center of the pillow cradle your head, while smaller holes around the perimeter create a supportive zone for your neck.

  • Comfort zones for head and neck
  • Ventilated for increased air circulation
  • Take a small version of your pillow when you travel
  • Dough formula creates a softer, more supportive memory foam


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Treat yourself to an ultra-comfortable pillow after a long day on the road. The compressible design conveniently allows you to bring the Travel Zoned Dough® virtually anywhere. The Zoned Dough® travel pillow is zoned with larger holes in the center and smaller holes on the outside. The larger holes allow the Dough® memory foam to softly cradle your head, while the smaller holes on the outside remain more supportive to create optimal spinal alignment. The pin-cores are perforated through the entire pillow to allow for increased ventilation as well.

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Z by Malouf