The Dream 13″ Mattress by Mlily

10 year Warranty

  • 1.2" Ultra-Plush Gel AirCell Memory Foam
  • 1.2" Hybrid Mini-Springs
  • 1.2" Mlily Air-Flow Gel Memory Foam
  • 1.5" Flex Comfort Foam
  • 6.3" Pocket Springs + Flex Support Border. 1.5" Flex Support Foam


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1. Double Jacquard Fabric. Our premium knit, double jacquard fabric is designed to provide advanced breathability and comfort.

2. Ultra-Plush Gel Air-Cell Foam. We’ve added an enhanced layer of our AirCell Foam to create a cooler, more comfortable sleep surface which adapts to your body’s individual pressure points. 1.2″

3. Hybrid Mini Springs. Our Hybrid Mini-Springs are specially designed to individually adjust as you sleep, aligning to your body’s own natural contours. 1″

4. Mlily Air-Flow Gel-Memory Foam. Our Mlily Cooling Gel is infused into our aerodynamically designed Memory Foam, creating a cooler, more complete sleep. 1.2″

5. Flex Comfort Foam. Our Flex Comfort Foam adds another layer of comfort to create a more supple feel. 1.8″

6. Pocket Springs. It’s one thing to have Memory Foam, it’s another to carefully layer in Pocket Springs. Our soft series X-springs bring out the performance of this mattress. 6.3″

7. Aero-Flex Border. Our aerodynamic border is fitted to keep air-flow consistent, helping you stay cooler and get to sleep faster. It’s also built with specially older joints to keep support even, from the center to the very edges of your mattress.

8. We’ve added a final layer of our custom Flex Support Foam to provide an extra layer of complete support. 1.5″

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The Dream Series-Theatre of Dreams


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