Serenity+ 13″ Mattress by Mlily

  • 0.5" Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam quilitng into Mlily Aloe Vera fabric cover
  • 2" Copper infused Memory Foam
  • 3" Performance Memory Foam
  • 7.5" Airtech Support Foam


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1. Double Jacquard Fabric. Our premium knit, double jacquard fabric is designed to provide advanced breathability and comfort.

2. Quilted Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam. Our Performance Memory Foam is infused with Bamboo Charcoal, quilted into the cover, creating a layer that regulates moisture, odor, and temperature al while adapting to your body’s individual pressure points. This layer is specially quilted for further comfort. .5″

3. Copper Infused Memory Foam. Our Mlily Memory Foam is specially infused with copper, enhancing temperature control and hypoallergenic properties to create a sleep surface which adapts to your body’s natural contours. 2″

4. Performance Memory Foam. Performance Memory Foam is designed to improve oxygen and blood circulation, allowing you to achieve the deep, regenerative sleep you need to perform at your peak. 3″

5. Airtech Support Foam. We’ve added a final layer of our aerodynamically engineered AirTech Support Foam, which is castellated to improve air flow and to provide a cooler, more complete night’s sleep. 7.5″

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