Rize Rz3 12″ CopperBreeze Cooling Fabric Gel Memory Foam Luxury Plush Mattress

  • CopperBreeze Temperature Optimized Sleep Cover-cooling fabric and threads made with real copper combine to regulate heat.
  • Top Layer-Quilted topper of 1" cool gel memory foam and .5" soft comfort foam. Second layer-2 inches of cool gel memory foam.
  • Ventilation in second foam layer adds breathability for additional cooling
  • Third Layer-3 inches of perfect transition foam.
  • Base Layer-5.5. inches of ultimate base foam


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Its CopperBreeze cover and quilted, luxury-soft surface are just the beginning: The rz3 is layered with cool gel memory foam to control heat, with an ultimate foam base that provides perfect support.

Full feature set

  • Cool touch cover
    We use special cooling fabric that is carefully engineered to prevent heat from building up while you sleep
  • CopperBreeze technology
    Copper naturally regulates temperature, so we wove threads with real copper into our cover to help disperse heat
  • Cool gel memory foam
    The gel infusion in the top layer of foam keeps it from getting too warm
  • Extra quilting
    Get more comfort from an added top layer that increases softness without losing the supportive base
  • Ventilation
    Small holes in the second layer release heat and let the mattress breathe
  • Perfect transition foam
    The middle layer of the mattress is carefully engineered to be just the right mixture of comfort and support
  • Ultimate base foam
    Underneath everything is a bottom layer that provides firm support without sacrificing softness
  • Easy-to-ship box
    Each mattress is rolled and sealed to keep it simple to transport and carry

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Comfort Levels

Luxury Plush