Reverie Skye 500 Adjustable Base

Featuring an extended array of features, such as ProGrip and 3-D Wave technology, our Skye Adjustable Base 500 takes your customized sleep and lifestyle comfort needs to the next level. Enjoy endless comfort settings and personalized routines to raise you awake or lull you to sleep with the Skye Nightstand App, downloadable to your smart device.

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  • Skye Nightstand App – Control and optimize the technology offerings of your Skye Base with the Skye Nightstand App. Create alarms, routines, and the perfect reading, sleeping or post-workout comfort position, all from your phone or tablet.
  • Upper & Lower Body Articulation – Achieve an infinite number of relaxing and comfortable positions to fit your sleep style or lifestyle.
  • One-Touch Buttons for Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore and Flat.
  • Zero Gravity – Helps relieve pressure from your back and gives you a weightless feeling.
  • Anti-Snore – Help relieve snoring, sleep apnea and acid reflux by taking pressure off of your chest.
  • Nightlight – Guide yourself in and out of bed with the soft glow of the underlit nightlight from the Skye Nightstand App or directly from the Skye Base 700 OLED remote.
  • Multiple Custom Memory Positions – Create and save your custom positions for sleeping, watching TV and more.
  • 3-in-1 Leg – Adjustable from 3″ to 5.25″ or 8.25″
  • Storage Bed Configuration – This special configuration allows the Skye Base to sit on a storage bed or platform bed frame.
  • Bluetooth Technology – Control your base and set endless positions from your smart device.
  • 3-D Wave Technology – Enhances blood flow and circulation with an oscillating vibration that soothes and relaxes.
  • ProGrip – This material holds your mattress in place, negating the need for retainer bars. Corner retainer bars are included in case you choose to use them, have a two-sided mattress, bed skirt, mattress encasement, or any other circumstance that would prevent the ProGrip from being in contact with the bottom of your mattress.
  • 850lbs lift capacity
  • 20-year Limited Warranty

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