Ice Cube Pro Cooling Pillow

We are keeping it cool in the bedroom with the newest member of the Cube family, ” The Ice Cube”.  Forget flipping your pillow to find the “cool side”.  Our ice cube frozen fibers will keep your noggin nice and chilly all night long.

  • Cooling fibers keep sleepers heads cool through the night
  • Soft and supportive visco-elastic poly foam core
  • Distinct shape tailored to side sleeping
  • Perfect fit cooling cover, removable and machine washable
  • 3-year warranty guarantees quality


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Cool and Comfortable

Pillow Cube keeps its cool with a temperature regulating memory foam and our Ice Cube Cover engineered with frozen fibers, so you don’t have to be flipping the pillow all night long.  All 6 sides of the Pillow Cube are the cool side.

Support Your Neck and Shoulders

There’s a gap between your neck and shoulder which most conventional pillows won’t fill.  Pillow Cube gives you support for your “pillow hole”  which can alleviate neck pain or shoulder pain caused by unsupportive or thin pillows.  Stop folding or bunching up pillows and try the pillow designed with you in mind.

Better Sleep On Your Side

Side sleep is heathier for you and is proven to help with circulation, respiration, and digestion.  Pillow Cube is the pillow created specifically to support side sleepers in their search for a better night’s sleep.

Size Matters

Most side sleepers love a 5″ pillow, but if you have broader shoulders or require more support, we made the 6″ pillow with you in mind.

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